Importancia de garantizar la protección de datos en una empresa
9 de April de 2024

Data protection issues in a company

The data protection in companies has become a real headache for many organizations.

The cybercrime has increased its threat to the integrity of corporate information and security systems. And not all companies are prepared either to prevent their onslaught or to deal with a cyber attack.

In fact, those of us who implement cybersecurity solutions in organizations have redoubled our efforts in recent months in order to guarantee data protection in companies. data protection in companies. This 2023 has been the year of cybersecurity in SAP environments.

What is data protection in a company?

We understand by corporate data protection the set of policies, actions, protocols and standards used to ensure data security in an organization. ensure the security of data in an organization. That is, that they are not compromised, either by illicit misappropriation practices, or by public exposure (when confidential) or loss due to technical or human error.

This requires secure and efficient data management systems and storage solutions. As well as a strategy for its protection against possible external threats and its recovery in case of loss. responsibility. Both have motivated a change in the corporate culture of most organizations. of most organizations.

This culture now embraces environmental, safety and health environmental, safety and health objectivesi.e. a code of ethics that goes beyond regulations and has a lot to do with the values that a large number of values that many of today’s professionals wish to uphold. today’s professionals.

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Data protection obligations of the company

The obligations of companies in terms of data protection data protection have grown as their implications have grown. The digitalization process of the business activity, especially that of the SMEshas required a regulatory regulatory framework that guarantees the rights of consumers as users, but also the continuity of organizations. of consumers as users, but also the continuity of organizations.

Thus, companies are obliged to comply with the European regulations set out in the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD) and its adaptation to the national legislation through the LOPDGDD (Organic Law on Personal Data Protection and guarantee of digital rights).

Even so, the problems in the protection of data protection in a company are still common, especially in SMEs. are still common, especially in small and medium-sized companies.

Most common errors in data protection in companies

Some of the common mistakes in data data protection in companies have to do with the configuration of the company’s websitelack of a cookie policy, impossibility of exercising the right of access to data Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition, or the absence of communication systems of a digital breach. These are errors that usually violate the rights of consumers.

However, there are also those that can disrupt a company’s day-to-day business. Normally, it is due to the absence of protocols in systems for internal use systems that operate, however, through cloud services.

In fact, the so-called Industry 4.0which is increasingly employing IoT or AI, has been the target of numerous cyber-attacks in the last two years. This situation has meant huge financial losses and has brought with it dire consequences, such as the difficulty of consolidating its old customers or attracting new ones.

Importance of data protection in companies

Every company must put in place physical and digital measures to ensure the protection of the data they handle. And not only for to guarantee the rights of its users, but also its own activity, which could be vulnerable to an attack that could jeopardize all of its users’ rights.but also its own activity, which could be vulnerable to an attack that could jeopardize all its production and management systems. production and management systems.

Thus, companies have to protect all types of data all types of data, from basicfrom basic to particularly sensitive information.

Investing time and effort, as well as money, in the data protection is also necessary for not to incur in an illegalityand to avoid a reputation crisis The company has been affected by a security breach that threatens the identity of individuals, as has already occurred, for example, in large multinationals in the telecommunications sector.

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