SAP User Experience

Focus on the value of ease-of-use, even over design

SAP platforms that enable the development of UX improvement oriented solutions.

UX (User eXperience) is what a person perceives when interacting with a product or service. However, in our world we would speak more concretely of a system, such as an application, program or web page. We achieve a good UX by focusing on designing useful and usable products, which influences the user to feel satisfied in their interaction with them.

We have therefore moved from the paradigm of design as a focus to the value of ease of use, even above design.

What are the challenges that a proper UX strategy can help us:

  • Interacting with complex and content-dense websites and applications
  • Access from different devices while maintaining harmony of use without loss of usability.
  • The value of accessibility.
  • Users’ own requirements.

SAP, in its UX strategy and in order to meet these demands, provides platforms that allow the development of solutions aimed at improving the usability and experience of its systems and applications.

Other platforms UX

SAP UI5 (300x300)


SAP Fiori Launchpad (300x300)

SAP Fiori Launchpad

SAP Screen Personas (300x300)

SAP Screen personas

SAP User Experience

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