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Are you an SAP consultant or a programmer? If you are already working in SAP consulting or have recently graduated and want to pursue a career and training, you are interested in getting to know us.

Take advantage of all the employment opportunities in a SAP consulting firm with more than 20 years of experience, integrated in the LKS Next Group and the Mondragon Corporation, and with all the advantages of a flexible and close company.

It's not just a job in SAP Consulting

We offer you much more

SAP Training

At all levels and in different areas. Recent university graduates, or those with work experience in other fields, can enter a career in SAP consulting through the i3s Academy. For our experienced SAP professionals, we encourage continuous training and provide incentives to obtain new degrees and certifications.

Solid equipment

i3s is a firm with more than two decades of experience in SAP consulting, so you will work in an experienced team. You will be able to grow every day in a collaborative environment where it is possible to contribute talent and learn from those around you. We do our best to make sure you have all the resources and opportunities available to you to succeed.

Professional Career

We strive to provide you with the development tools, training and support to make your professional dream come true. This, together with the good atmosphere, the trusting relationship, the proximity, the flexibility and the facilities for reconciliation invite our professionals to bet on a long-term professional career at i3s.

What makes i3s a great place to work?

We asked our team why they feel good about working at i3s. Good atmosphere, companionship, professionalism, facilities for conciliation, training, professional development, and belonging to a leading group such as LKS Next and the Mondragon Corporation are the main reasons.

Good fellowship and a good working environment

This is what you will find in the i3s offices. SAP consulting projects often require teamwork. At i3s, companionship is assured. This has an impact on employee motivation, performance and, ultimately, on the quality of service.

Reconciliation of work, family and personal life

i3s has always favored work-life balance, especially since our participation in the Concilia Plus program for companies, promoted by the Basque Government. We apply concrete measures such as flextime and a hybrid model that combines on-site and telecommuting.

Training and professional development

The IT sector is always evolving.
The changes are continuous because the technology is constantly updated, constantly and at great speed. At i3s we offer our professionals the opportunity to develop their skills through training and teamwork to ensure a good performance of their current and future functions.


We offer you a career in an IT consulting firm specialized in SAP solutions with more than twenty years of experience. We give you the opportunity to work with senior consultants with a high level of knowledge in digital transformation of business processes through SAP solutions and proprietary technology developments.

Proximity and flexibility

We are a united team, where we all know each other and where the treatment is familiar and close at all levels. There is a climate of respect and trust that favors communication, as well as flexible schedules and teleworking.


We offer you a long-term employment relationship, with internal promotion measures that guarantee the development of talent. In a sector where staff turnover is very frequent, with an average tenure of 3.5 years, according to LinkedIn data, at i3s, employee retention is almost four times higher.
Our team members are employed for an average of 12 years at i3s.

We belong to the LKS NEXT group and the Mondragon Corporation.

Joining the i3s staff means joining a company with all the potential of large companies and the advantages of small ones. i3s is the SAP consultant of the LKS Next group and the Mondragon Corporation, which makes it a benchmark within a leading business group.

Testimonials from our SAP consultants

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