Intercompany Electronic Invoice Management


By 2024, companies will be required to electronic invoicing with the to provide transparency on the control of supplier payment deadlines.

Countdown begins for business-to-business electronic invoicing

In September 2022, the “CREA Y CRECE” Law came into force, which, in addition to measures to support innovation and business modernization, introduces changes in the invoicing process. From 2024, companies with a turnover of more than 8 million euros will be obliged to issue, send and receive their invoices in electronic format. The objective is to combat late payment and prevent abuse of supplier payment terms.

September 2022

Law 18/2022, known as "CREA Y CRECE" (CREATE AND GROW), becomes effective.

Spring 2023

Publication of the Regulation, which will set the details of Law 18/2022


Large accounts
with turnover >8M €


Other companies
with turnover < €8M

What are the technological requirements set by the Law for the management of electronic invoicing?

Invoices in PDF format will not be accepted. In all cases, a structured electronic document must be issued through digital solutions or platforms, which must comply with different specifications included in the regulatory development of the regulations.


Ability to provide up-to-date and transparent information on the status of the billing process.


Ensure interconnection and interoperability between technological solutions or platforms free of charge.


National and international legal compliance, able to adapt to changing country regulations

Electronic Invoice Management with SAP


SAP Business Network helps companies meet the requirements of the new Create and Grow Act. It enables digital collaboration with suppliers and reduces the administrative burden, with the aim of achieving maximum operational efficiency and supply assurance.


lower BPO costs


in supplier payment inquiries


of improvement in supplier compliance



Automatic network validation processes will check for errors or uncompleted fields and flag them for immediate attention to reduce overall errors by up to 60%.

Improve productivity

Your self-service portal provides invoice and payment status information to reduce time spent on customer calls and spend it on tasks that grow your business.

Accelerate processing

Shorten invoice processing times by converting a wide variety of document formats into electronic invoices, which are delivered immediately to your customers.

on time

Faster and more accurate billing means faster payment. With digitized and automated processing, you can reduce the cycle time from order to payment by up to 75 percent.

Improved visibility of expenditures and collaboration with suppliers through automation

With electronic invoicing, you avoid postal delays or lost invoices. SAP Business Network enables better invoice visibility, greater processing flexibility and timely payments.


  • Electronic exchange of purchase orders, confirmation of orders, sending of notices, service sheets or invoices.
  • Improved control, workflow and customer experience by publishing electronic catalogs.
  • Visibility by tracking the status of documents and payments.
  • Access to information anytime, anywhere with SAP Business Application.


  • Filter and select your list of documents for easy access and tracking.
  • Personalized control of e-mail, notifications and mobile alerts.
  • Enrich your company profile and personalize notifications.
  • Create users with defined access and adjust the account to the needs of the company.


  • Manage multiple customer relationships in a single account.
  • Identify new opportunities and make it easier for new customers to find you on the SAP Business Network.
  • Participation in sourcing events and access to new businesses
  • Strengthens relationships with existing customers and helps grow new ones
  • Access to quality business information.

Why i3s?

We are an expert consulting firm in the implementation and support of SAP solutions. With more than 20 years of experience in the market. SAP is the world leader in purchasing process solutions and electronic invoicing worldwide, with more than 8 million companies using SAP Business Network.

Market leaders

Today, 77% of the world’s business transactions go through an SAP software system. This includes 25 industries and more than 440,000 organizations. Our huge customer base allows us to build, enhance and unify existing vibrant business networks.

Scalable solutions

SAP has proven expertise in scaling and enabling business networks such as Ariba Network, SAP Logistics Business Network and SAP Intelligent Asset Management, which currently connect more than four million companies worldwide.

Competitive advantage

By extending beyond individual companies and facilitating the exchange of data and information between trading partners, companies can deliver more value. They can turn business relationships into a competitive advantage, using network intelligence.

Electronic Invoicing

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