Accelerate and increase the efficiency of your design processes

Direct integration between SAP Teamcenter By Siemens and S/4Hana. The perfect tool for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) in combination with S/4HANA.

Increases visibility and transparency with a Digital Network

Improve productivity by working in an integrated manner, reducing inefficiencies and repetitive work

Provides Design teams with information to quickly manage the development and approval of new products and variations on existing products focused on customer specifications. Achieve a digital common thread, eliminating information silos and supporting complete digitization through integration between TEAMCENTER and S/4HANA.


Availability of on premise and cloud solutions, according to customer's landscape.


Real-time product lifecycle management support.


Improvement in the development process and evolution of the final product.

Trends in the management of product life cycle

Customer experience decisive

Customer sentiment can determine the success of your product in the marketplace.

Complex and customized products

Smart products and customization are no longer an option, the market demands them.

Multidisciplinary Design Teams

Increased complexity of product configuration with mechanical, electronic and software components.

Closed loop business processes

Innovation is driven by knowledge of a product's behavior and how it affects the company.

Current challenges in the
product development


Subject to frequent design changes

How can I reduce the amount of effort and cost associated with frequent design changes?


It has changing design requirements

How can I effectively track and manage continuous change in product requirements?


Lack of sufficient personnel for its development

How can I improve my collaborative product development process to do more with less?


Conditioned by an increase in product complexity

How can I manage product complexity, ensure quality and meet compliance requirements?


Identifies errors too late

How can I detect errors early in the game to control costs and maximize profits?

SAP and Siemens join forces to accelerating industrial transformation



Siemens and SAP have partnered to integrate their leading PLM and ERP solutions through a new jointly developed product. Organizations will be able to choose which Siemens / SAP applications to use, without worrying about the complexity of integration.

Digital Network

Siemens and SAP have partnered to integrate their leading PLM and ERP solutions through a new jointly developed product. Organizations will be able to choose which Siemens / SAP applications to use, without worrying about the complexity of integration.

Immediate value

Siemens Teamcenter and SAP S/4HANA will connect with new integration technology that enables customers to derive instant production value from their integrated PLM and ERP solutions.

Change transparent

Visibility to all parties responsible for managing the impact of change on plans

Single Product Master

Engineering bill of materials with geometric and configuration data, ubiquitous in the product life cycle.

Transparent Change

Visibility for all stakeholders to manage the impact of change to program plans, manufacturing BOM or service BOMs.


Manufacturing execution of complex product configurations with integrated supply chain and logistics.

Closed Loop Operations

Operational features feed back into engineering to build better products and enable new service-based business models.

Next Generation Architecture

Flexible deployment architecture to support cloud transformation. Improved performance through clustering and parallelism.

Direct integration between SAP Teamcenter and S/4HANA

Support a digitally connected enterprise with process-driven integration in a strategically developed architecture.

Alignment of a common domain model that provides access to data across all technology platforms. Advanced mapping function with built-in data quality and data security features.

Enabling seamless, bi-directionally integrated business processes. Bi-directional transfer of bills of materials, documents, engineering changes and product variant information.

Cloud and on-premise architecture support with high-performance data transfer architecture to reduce operational load.

Capabilities key

Advantages and General Characteristics of Integration

End-to-end digital connection, enterprise integration

  • Bidirectional integration of Teamcenter with SAP.
  • End-to-end closed-loop configuration of business processes.

Integrated change management

  • Integrates engineering, manufacturing or operational changes with a common closed-loop process.
  • Smooth and effective impact analysis in all systems.

BOM management

  • Bidirectional BOM integration.
  • Efficient transfer from engineering to manufacturing.
  • Management of the structure of complex products in all systems.


  • Transfer of CAD information from PLM to S/4HANA.
  • Automated conversion of display formats to support enterprise visual use cases.

Performance and Quality

  • Simplified architecture to reduce implementation and operating costs.
  • Efficient error management without affecting data transfer or stopping transactions.
  • Bidirectional creation.


  • Automate any process.
  • Controlled approval.
  • Data transfer and integration enabled.
  • Verify transfer and conversion.

SAP TCI Teamcenter Integration

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