Optimize your company's processes by applying to your SAP systems our knowledge, acquired during more than 20 years of experience in the management of large professional projects.

Areas of SAP Consulting

Our consulting service includes an analysis of your company’s needs, the definition of a proposal for the most appropriate SAP solution or proprietary development and subsequent support for its implementation. We are specialists in defining new processes, reorganizing existing ones, as well as adapting to new organizational structures.

Human Resources


Finance and Controlling


Logistics, Projects and Production

Consulting for Human Resources

SAP Consulting for Persons

Digital transformation and automation imply adaptation challenges. Of persons
to the new ways of doing things and of organizations to attract talent.

Talent management

Organizational strategy

Leadership and development

Management and attraction of talent

Qualified, committed and flexible people are needed to make the leap to Industry 4.0, where change is constant and the need for adaptability is urgent.

What we offer?

Talent recruitment

We help to create an attractive offer for the company to attract and retain talent.


We enhance the possibilities of finding new projects for people.

Professional Career

We design career plans, taking into account development, mobility, succession or generational succession.


We promote the continuous development of people as an element of competitiveness.


With a total and flexible approach, we design compensation systems (fixed and variable compensation and social benefits) adapted to the current and future needs of organizations.

Reconciliation models

In order to ensure involvement and satisfaction, we propose strategic actions such as equality plans, teleworking models, management by objectives and self-managed teams.

Training management

We use specific software to manage training activities related to the development of people so that this is a digitalized and systematized process.

Strategy organizational

Sustainable change management that impacts business results from a participative perspective.

What we offer?

Change management

We adapt the organization of companies to changes in the environment, redesigning the necessary organizational aspects and overcoming resistance to change.


We apply our own methodology to ensure the correct sizing of the company, linking decisions to its strategy and not to short-term needs.

Cultural Diagnosis

We align the organization’s culture with the company’s strategy based on knowledge of the prevailing culture and management levers.

Digitization of the area

Through digital tools, we implement customized solutions for performance management, succession, compensation and talent development.

Management 4.0

We implement management models aligned with the flexibility and agile methodologies required by a digitalized market.

Leadership and development of equipment and people

Leaders influence people’s commitment and team dynamics. We work with different approaches and methodologies in the development of individual and collective skills.

What we offer?

Leadership models

We define and design our own leadership model, adjusted to the culture, strategy and model of each organization, to deploy it in a shared way in practice.

Training and development

We rely on methodologies, applied with flexibility, according to the needs of each organization. Coaching and workshops, also gamification, face-to-face and online.

Digital competencies

What are the digital competencies of the professionals who make up the workforce needed to face today’s challenges? We help to identify them.

Emotional management

Workshops on emotional management, conflict management, and an individualized itinerary with different practices to train emotional management skills.

Areas of SAP Consulting

Human Resources


Finance and Controlling


Logistics, Projects and Production

SAP Consulting

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