LEKUnet Risk Prevention

Geolocation technology and Artificial Intelligence to ensure safe workspaces.

It monitors in real time the location of workers in the plant and manages entry permits in each of the work areas.

LEKUnet Risk Prevention

LEKUnet Risk Prevention is the solution developed by i3s for the prevention of risks and accidents in industrial plants. Combines geolocation technology with artificial intelligence to ensure safe workspaces. Integrates with all major SAP and non-SAP business functionalities. In all cases it guarantees an immediate deployment of its capabilities.

What does LEKUnet Risk Prevention do?


It analyzes data and draws conclusions through Artificial Intelligence.


It learns from your history thanks to Machine Learning technologies.


It collects real-time data from sensors installed in the systems or from Big Data technology.


Solves incidents, proposes optimizations and predicts operations.


Improve working conditions and prevent risk situations for workers in real time.

Continuous and personalized risk assessment

The digital leap in ORP is to move from a reactive model to a continuous and personalized safety assessment. The employee takes on a leading role in generating and receiving relevant risk information.

We monitor the continuous location and mobility of people and materials in order to control risks and reduce accidents. We gain in efficiency and productivity.

Real-time location of employees and
materials in plant

We combine experience in IT systems integration and in-depth knowledge of risk prevention processes and bring innovation.

provides a solution capable of managing in real time the occupational risks associated with the associated with mobility of employees in the plant.

We build an exact replica or digital twin of the physical workspace and add positioning technology to continuously track the movement of people and materials.

The solution enables the digital empowerment of the worker, who is actively involved in prevention and receives real-time information on risks.

And it greatly facilitates the task of the preventionist, who obtains reliable data in real time.


Data-driven risk prevention planning

Avoiding accidents

To avoid possible accidents due to dynamic changes in the employee's workstation.

Improve in times

Shorten the time between incident management and evaluation.

Immediate response

Respond immediately to a risk situation of the worker.

Benefits of LEKUnet

Monitoring of the employee's location and permission to stay in post.

Continuous, personalized and real-time risk assessment.

Improving data-driven prevention protocols.

Useful for the following sectors

Chemical and Petrochemical


Construction engineering


Iron and Steel Industry

Hospital Services

Why I3s?

In-depth knowledge of the processes related to Occupational Risk Prevention.

Experience in the implementation of IT systems and solutions that support these processes.

Solution specifically designed for these processes

Flexibility in start-up and pay-per-use

LEKUnet Risk Prevention

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