i3s Quality Policy

The Management of i3s wishes to make known through this document to all interested parties, i.e. i3s members, its customers and suppliers, members of the management and shareholders, its conviction that:

Quality is a key factor for the survival of I3S.

Quality is a responsibility that must be assumed and shared by all members of I3S.

Quality cannot be a consequence of controls, but of a correct and exhaustive planning, execution and periodic evaluation, and through the establishment and follow-up of the GOALS of the organization and of the interested parties.

Quality can only be interpreted as a permanent compliance with previously established customer, legal and regulatory requirements and those applicable according to ISO 9001:2015, in the context of EHS Projects, to ensure full customer satisfaction at the lowest cost.

Quality is susceptible to CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT. Failures should be used to learn and eliminate the causes that have generated them.

Quality therefore demands collaborative attitudes and participation at ALL levels of I3S. and for this, information, communication and training are indispensable.

This conviction requires commitment and I3S management. assumes it. This commitment must be manifested in a firm, intense and continuous effort to provide the entire staff with the appropriate means and knowledge to achieve QUALITY in line with the above.

To the people who integrate the Quality Assurance function at I3S. are granted all the attributions so that if, for any circumstance, they observe the non-compliance with the established in the Quality Management Manual, as well as the non-compliance with the established specifications, as well as possible non-compliances in the same sense, they can take the appropriate corrective and/or preventive actions in each case.

This organization and personnel have the full support of Management in all actions to be carried out to ensure the full effectiveness of the Quality System implemented.

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