BIDALNET Compliance Platform

The advantage of automating all regulatory reporting on one platform

Bidalnet is the platform developed by i3s, based on SAP DRC to integrate in a single solution all the regulatory reporting: SII, TicketBai, Batuz, Verifactu, Electronic Invoice, Plastic Tax and product notifications to ECHA.

The challenge of managing compliance

Fulfills obligations and minimizes risks

With our Bildalnet solution, for digital management of regulatory reporting on a single platform, you can transform, standardize and harmonize your processes globally to comply locally.

Digitization of compliance processes

Standardization and automation
to increase efficiency

Bidalnet ensures regulatory compliance and includes a legal advisory module.
The more obligations that arise, the more urgent it is to have a robust information system in place
with which to manage requirements in a secure and agile way.

An automated solution that meets standards around the world

Integrated into business processes with scalable integration to authorities and platforms

Bidalnet Compliant Platform i3s


The advantage of automating all regulatory reporting on one platform

Streamline digital compliance (SII, TicketBai, Batuz, Verifactu, Electronic Invoice, Plastic Tax and ECHA) with our Bidalnet solution, supported by SAP DRC.

Key benefits

Optimizes compliance

Drives standardization, efficiency and automation. Improve efficiency and optimize operational sustainability by managing electronic documents and legal reports globally.


Optimizes operations with scalable capabilities. Create new scenarios and leverage the partner ecosystem to meet your business needs with a unified user experience.

Responds with agility
to legal changes

Complies with global standards. Embrace ever-changing legal mandates with a seamless transition from periodic legal reporting to ongoing transaction controls with one integrated solution.

Key Features

Integrated vision

  • Information available in real time to avoid disruptions and streamline management.
  • Single centralized entry point for correction management.
  • Unique user experience in all scenarios and countries

Agile and efficient management

  • Automates the digital submission and validation of business transactions.
  • Correction of transactions by breaking down the underlying transactions.
  • Supervision and conciliation with public agencies

Digitized reports

  • Worldwide monitoring of obligations, with a compliance schedule.
  • Integrate digitized and automated processes into your system of record.
  • Implements automated shipping processes and generates strategic information,

Process optimization

  • Real-time access to a library of predefined processes and reusable scenarios.
  • Define compliance reports to quickly add or copy existing reports to meet business needs.
  • Reuse of business features for a unified user experience.

BIDALNET Compliance Platform

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