SAP Responsible Design and Production (SAP RDP)

Management of tax on non-reusable plastic containers

SAP RDP, in addition to managing the new levy, helps companies to the design of products and packaging for a circular economy

Increasingly, regulations that hold companies accountable for companies with the product life cycle

EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) regulation will be extended in the coming years to other problematic materials, including batteries and electrical components. Companies will have to pay €0.45 per kilo of non-reusable plastic.

Risks of unsustainable production

Heavy financial penalties and legal liability

Reputational crisis and damage to brand image

Complications in the company's commercial relations

91% of the plastic currently produced worldwide is not recycled

Only a small portion of the world’s plastic waste is collected and recycled after use. Consumer preferences are increasingly leaning toward sustainable products and services.

Transition to the circular economy

Manufacturers and producers must commit to produce products more sustainable and adopt processes that prevent materials from being used in are wasted. The constant increase in regulations and fees pushes for a circular approach to business processes.

What is the challenge that companies have?

SAP Responsible Design and Production

Analysis of the environmental impact and financial cost of production materials and advancement of more sustainable alternatives.

Enables companies to adapt to EPR regulations and plastic taxation, integrate circularity principles into business processes and optimize design for sustainable business

SAP Responsible Design and Production

Differentiate yourself from the competition by leading
sustainable and circular business processes

It provides customized intelligence that enables companies to keep pace with EPR regulations,
to integrate circularity principles into core business processes and to manage
efficiently its portfolio of sustainable products

Holistic management of packaging and regulatory packaging and regulation in global markets and support for the transition to a sustainable portfolio

Reduce costs by accurately calculating tariffs and taxes and implementing measures to reduce regulatory exposure

Deliver on commitments identifying the best operation and enabling the portfolio’s strategic decision making process.

Transition to a circular portfolio of circular products and and increased consumer participation through zero waste commitments

Redesign products and packaging to make them more sustainable and evaluate their impact using new materials

Why i3s?

I3S is a Technology Consulting Firm specialized in SAP solutions for responsible design and production. Our SAP Responsible Design and Production expertise encompasses the implementation of responsible design and production solutions to improve efficiency, quality and sustainability. Our team of SAP Responsible Design and Production experts offers a wide range of services, from assessment of the current situation to solution implementation, training and technical support.

Increase in profits. Turning sustainability into a competitive advantage and point of differentiation

Intelligent decision making. Identifies the right trade-offs and enables strategic portfolio decision making.

Empowered consumers. Inspiring end-users to make more responsible decisions

SAP RDP Responsible Design and Production

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