SAP PS Project System

Integrated project management in S/4HANA

It allows you to manage budgets, deadlines and resources throughout the stages and phases of the project and linked to each of its activities.

The tool for Project Management

SAP Project System (SAP PS) makes it easy to direct resources at each stage of the project in order to control and ensure on-time delivery.

Compatible with SAP ERP and SAP S/4 HANA, SAP PS integrates with other modules to optimize all processes in areas such as finance, logistics, materials management, sales and distribution, plant maintenance and production planning.

With SAP Project System (SAP PS) organizations can structure projects using schedules and work breakdowns. In this way, the main project can be separated into several individual tasks and, after listing and sorting them, they can be converted into work packages.

Another advantage of SAP PS is its networking function that enables the establishment of activities and relationships between several users.

SAP PS Features

Project management

  • Externally financed.
    • From end customer.
  • Internally financed.
    • Overhead projects.
    • Capital investment projects.

‣ Possibility to organize projects:

  • By structure, using a work breakdown structure (WBS).
  • By work packages reaching the maximum granularity and handling dependencies between all types of operations.
  • Management of milestones that trigger relevant elements within the project (invoicing, deliveries, activation of a task package, etc.).

Integration with the following SAP modules and processes

  • SAP Sales and Distribution (SD): Project revenue and turnover forecast.
  • SAP Material Management (MM): Receipt of services and goods/materials and purchase orders, inventory management.
  • SAP Human Resources (HR): Work reports and activity confirmations
  • Finance (FI): Payments, payments, down payments, settlement of assets.
  • Controlling (CO): Internal orders, allocation and settlement of internal activities.
  • Customer (or after market) Service (CS): Service orders.
  • Investment Management (IM): Investments.
  • SAP Production Planning (PP): Production orders as well as independent reservations/requirements generated from project systems.
  • SAP Plant Maintenance (PM).
  • Document Management System (DMS): Archiving of project-related documentation (DIR) to network activity and WBS elements.

Other Product Lifecycle Management solutions (SAP PLM)

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SAP PS Project System

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