21 de March de 2023

Social sustainability and corporate responsibility

While environmental environmental sustainability the bulk of corporate efforts, social sustainability social sustainability and corporate responsibility and corporate responsibility must remain among the values and objectives of every organization as it moves towards the implementation of a circular production and management model.
production and management model.

And not only because it is necessary for the wellbeing of the templates and the future of the economic activitybut because it responds to a new growth model marked by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and for the Global Compact for corporate sustainabilitywhich brings together ten basic principles related to respect for human rights, labor standards, the environment and the fight against corruption.

What is social sustainability?

The concept of social sustainability in companies refers to the impact that their activities and organization have on their human capital, but also on the community in which they are located.

Thus, strategies aimed at promoting the social dimension of the social dimension of sustainability the development of actions that make cohesion and development
cohesion and development
development of all people through
inclusion and equal opportunities.

Also known as
CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
Corporate Social Responsibility corporate social responsibility and sustainability is materialized in specific commitments and measures aimed at developing responsible practices that not only contribute to business competitiveness, but also to a fairer and more inclusive society.

Spanish organizations are proactive in terms of corporate social responsibility and sustainability corporate social responsibility and sustainability. A good example of this is the adherence of many of them to the principles of the
United Nations Global Compact
in favor of a
responsible behavior
. In fact, the initiative has more than 661 associates in Spain, making it the largest local Global Compact network in terms of number of members.

Las empresas deben orientar sus esfuerzos a favorecer la igualdad de oportunidades y derechos dentro de su comunidad

Social sustainability indicators

There are indicators that we can take into account to measure the social sustainability of companies. social sustainability of companies. The most important ones have been collected by the annual study that analyzes the activity of the companies of the UN Global Compact. 

For example, Communicating Progress 2022 shows progress in different areas, both globally and in Spanish companies. 

Some of these indicators are:

  • Human Rights Policy within the company.
  • Human rights impact assessments of activities.
  • Supplier impact assessment.
  • Staff training in this area.
  • Complaint channel in case of violations.
  • Implementation of programs to promote health and wellness.
  • Non-discrimination policies and measures.
  • Work-life balance measures.
  • Inclusion of people with disabilities.
  • Code of ethics for suppliers.
  • Reporting of corruption cases.

Like examples of social sustainability the effort invested by companies in the implementation of and respect for labor standards, especially with regard to work-life balance measures and programs to promote health and well-being. measures or programs to promote health and wellness, especially with regard to work-life balance measures or programs to promote health and wellness.

The annual study of the Spanish Global Compact Network states in this regard that 100% of IBEX 35 companies and 75% of the Spanish companies surveyed already have work-life balance measures in place.although at the SME level, at the sustainability and social responsibility still has a long way to go.

How to implement the concept of social sustainability

Digital technology is a lever for change in bridging the gap between SMEs and large companies in terms of social responsibility and sustainability. social responsibility and sustainability.

we work with different SAP solutions capable of
efficiently implement sustainability strategies
in small and medium-sized companies. They can be applied in the management of environmental actions or in those aimed at guaranteeing the corporate social sustainability. That is to say, to seek aspects such as gender equality or the inclusion of vulnerable people.

  • SAP Health and Safety Management (EHS)
  • SAP Occupational Health (EHS)
  • SAP Incident Management (EHS)
  • SAP Business Integrity Screening
  • SAP Work Clearance Management (EHS)
  • SAP Management of Change (EHS)

Our SAP solutions help in the transparent assessment of a sustainable business management to tend to the zero inequality. Our solutions are designed to ensure working conditions and respect for Human Rights, as well as the management of relations with communities where the company operates or the promotion of a healthy environment for employees.

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