SAP Consultant Course - a unique opportunity with i3s

Intensive, free of charge, 100% subsidized

Learn from experts active in the field and open doors to a career full of opportunities and growth.

The demand for SAP professionals is booming, and you can be part of this exciting world with our SAP Consultant Course. Delivered by
a recognized leader in SAP consulting, this intensive, 100% subsidized SAP course is your gateway to one of today’s most sought-after and highest-paying careers.

With a practical training, oriented to face real business challenges, the course will train you in critical skills, opening a range of opportunities in the growing job market.

Start your career as a SAP Consultant: A road full of opportunities

Don’t miss the opportunity to train in SAP and accelerate your professional growth.

Quality SAP training insured by i3s Experts

Our SAP course is taught by
practicing SAP consultants
They are passionate about their work and have a vast experience in the field. This is your opportunity to learn SAP from the best, acquiring practical knowledge directly applicable in the working world.

You will be in contact with professionals who understand the current needs of the market and will prepare you to face and solve real problems in the business environment.

Training in SAP with experts is the best way to go to guarantee your professional success.

I3S is part of the joint venture awarded the tender for the training by Lanbide of certification courses in the Logistics and Finance area for the 3 provinces of the Basque Autonomous Community.
Our participation in the UTE involves the supply of SAP applications oriented to the training of 100 students with the following products:

  • SAP Enable Now for creating and sharing training content,
  • SAP Learning Hub,
  • Questionmark.

It also includes training itineraries in

  • Procurement with SAP Ariba,
  • HR with SuccessFactors,
  • the SAP BTP development and integration platform,

where i3s provides first level management and support for students in these cloud solutions.

Two areas of specialization: Finance and Materials Management

Our certified SAP course offers two specializations:

  • SAP S/4Hana Finance
  • SAP S/4HANA Materials Management.

Whether you prefer to master the financial world with SAP, learning how to manage and analyze financial data, or specialize in efficient materials management, this SAP Consultant course provides you with the skills and knowledge you need to boost your career.

Decide today where you want to specialize and start learning SAP with us.

Requirements for access the course

If you want to grow in the SAP consulting field, this course is for you. We are looking for professionals eager to develop essential skills for the handling of the most prestigious business management software on the market.

The requirements are accessible:

  • you need a medium/high level of English,
  • Vocational Training/Baccalaureate or higher education,
  • knowledge in the financial or logistics area.
Curso formación consultor SAP gratuito

Ready to transform your career?
Join the SAP Consultant Course

Where is it taught the SAP Consultant course?

Take the first step towards your future as an SAP Consultant by enrolling in our course starting in February 2024. Training places:

  • Vitoria-Gasteiz, Calle Manuel Iradier, 46 bajo
  • San Sebastián/Donostia, Paseo Duque De Mandas, 30
  • Bilbao, Calle Licenciado Poza 5 Bajo.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to train in a superior learning environment and open doors to a world of career opportunities.

Solutions of SAP training

What is SAP Enable Now?

Software solution developed by SAP for on-the-job learning and training. This platform provides tools for creating, sharing and consuming learning content, enabling organizations to effectively train their employees.

What is Sap Learning Hub?

SAP Learning Hub is an online learning platform provided by SAP, a leading enterprise software company. This platform is designed to provide IT professionals, developers, consultants and SAP users with easy and flexible access to a wide variety of training resources related to SAP products and solutions.
Some key features of SAP Learning Hub include:

  1. Training Content:
    It offers a wide range of training resources, including study materials, online courses, technical documentation, videos and simulations.
  2. Access to Test Environments:
    Provides access to SAP test environments and systems to allow users to practice and apply their knowledge in a simulated environment.
  3. Certifications:
    Facilitates preparation for SAP certifications by providing specific study material and exam-related resources.
  4. Continuous updates:
    It is regularly updated to reflect changes in SAP products and solutions, ensuring that users have access to current and up-to-date information and
  5. Community and collaboration:
    It offers opportunities for collaboration and interaction with other professionals through forums, discussion groups and online events.

SAP Learning Hub is available in different editions, each tailored to the specific needs of users, whether they are looking for training in technical, functional or development areas. The platform plays a crucial role in the skills development and training of professionals working with SAP products and solutions.

What is SAP Question mark?

Questionmark is a company that specializes in online assessment and evaluation solutions. Provides assessment platforms that enable organizations to create, schedule and administer online assessments and tests to assess users’ knowledge and skills.

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