La seguridad en la nube precisa de grandes dosis de resiliencia, las amenazas de ayer no son las de hoy ni serán las del futuro
16 de April de 2024

Cybersecurity. Choosing the best management system for your company

Do you have an SAP system system and think it could be exposed to potential vulnerabilities? Don’t risk your business or your company’s future by not acting in time. Rely on a cybersecurity management system capable of detecting potential gaps. Aim the security of your data and your internal processes.

Stay safe from cyber-attacks

If you want to know if you have chosen the best security system for your company, make sure that you will have a formula capable of:

  • Provide an innovative system not only in common incidents in each business area or type of organization, but also with the ability to anticipate and anticipate ability to anticipate new threats new threats through strategic cyber defense.
  • Professional support for:
  • Conduct a preliminary prior analysis of the state of your systems.
  • Configure the right software to protect against growing cyber threats.
  • Carry out continuous continuous monitoring through intelligent tools.

At i3sall of our solutions guarantee these requirements, which are essential against cyber-attacks and complex cyber-attacks in the service and industrial sectors.

The security in the cloud It requires a large dose of resilience, the threats of yesterday are not the threats of today and will not be the threats of the future. In a world changing at breakneck speed, the key is to count on defense systems designed to detect threats at an early stage.

Un ciberataque no solo puede parar la producción de toda una planta, puede poner en jaque su continuidad.

Small investments that save millions

A cyberattack can not only stop the production of an entire plant, it can jeopardize its continuity. Not surprisingly, more than 50% of organizations plan to increase their investments in digital security in the coming months, as several reports have shown.

The most vulnerable sectors in this respect are healthcare and banking, with an average cost of an average cost per incident of 300,000 euros, according to the EU’s Cyber Security Agency. 300,000 per incident, according to the EU Cyber Security Agency, as well as the energy sector, which has increased its investment in cybersecurity by 74%. 74 %.

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