24 de November de 2021

Do you have SAP and need to adapt your company’s invoicing to TicketBAI? Start now

TicketBAI-Batuz will not be part of SAP’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), as priority is given to other management processes. Therefore, your SAP company will need a system that ensures correct billing in compliance with TicketBAI-Batuz by 2024. Do you know how to start implementing it?

Table of contents:

What is TicketBAI-Batuz?
2. Objectives of the billing system
3. How to start complying with TicketBAI-Batz regulations?
4. Our system, Bidalnet TicketBAI

What is TicketBAI-Batuz?

TicketBAI-Batuz is a system for controlling the invoicing and procedures carried out by companies to ensure transparency and avoid tax fraud.
This measure has been in place for some time in other EU countries such as Sweden, Portugal and Austria. The autonomous community of the Basque Country is a pioneer in the national context in implementing this type of project, but why is this system being implemented?

Billing system objectives

The main objective of the Treasury is to combat the underground economy (which accounts for approximately 17% of the regional GDP). In addition, this strategic plan has other objectives:

  • To protect consumers by obtaining a ticket for each purchase they make in order to be able to claim their rights.
  • To facilitate taxpayers’ compliance with their tax obligations.
  • Save time and costs with a simpler billing system.
  • Guarantee equality between businesses so that they are taxed according to their real economic capacity.
  • Automate processes in a fast and error-free way.
  • How to start complying with TicketBAI-Batuz regulations?

As of January 1, 2024, thousands of companies and self-employed workers in the Basque Country must issue their invoices adapting to the regulations of this system.

How to start complying with TicketBAI regulations?

Now that you know what it consists of and the reasons for its implementation. You are ready for action. These are the steps you must follow to start the change:

  1. Identifies an approved billing software. Our solution, Bidalnet TicketBAI, is one of the programs registered in the TicketBAI software guarantor register, which easily adapts the system provisions to your company.
  2. You must have a digital certificate installed on your computer to identify from where you are going to issue the invoices.
  3. You also need an adapted printer, in case your services or products require the delivery of a purchase ticket to the customer, and a digital device capable of issuing them (a computer, tablet, cash register, POS…).
  4. Finally, a system where you can create and send files with the invoice information and with the capacity to store files, since you will have to keep them for 4 years (just like the current invoices).

Bidalnet TicketBAI

At i3S we are specialists in SAP business management environments. Our solution Bidalnet TicketBAI (registered and certified by the Provincial Councils of Bizkaia, Alava and Gipuzkoa) supports SAP companies and manages your operations in a simple, secure and intuitive way.
Our experience and technological development capacity guarantees full compliance with TicketBAI-Batuz requirements.

Do you need an invoicing software? Contact us and we will help you adapt to the technical requirements of TicketBAI-Batuz.

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