25 de April de 2022

Innovation projects to improve the performance of racing vehicles

Innovation on the track.

The constant pursuit of excellence and performance improvement are the driving force behind i3s. As part of our commitment to innovation, we have embarked on an exciting project in the field of Industry 4.0, focused on the management of data measurement variables IoT real-time IoT data measurement variables for racing vehicles. This initiative can transform the racing world as it evolves through its phases.

Phase 1: Measuring IoT Data to Optimize Performance.

In the first research phase, we have launched an ambitious project whose main objective is to improve the performance of racing vehicles by managing key variables in real time. These variables include

  • temperature and tire pressure,
  • inertia,
  • atmospheric data on vehicle and track,
  • geopositioning,
  • speed
  • other fundamental parameters.

The collection and analysis of this data inreal time allows racing teams to adjust the vehicle set up accurately and quickly, which translates into a significant increase in their competitive capacity. Imagine a race car that adapts to changing track conditions and responds to every small variation in real time: this is what i3s is making possible.

This project has been made possible thanks to the support and grants awarded by SPRI in 2021, as part of its HAZITEK program, financed by FEDER funds under reference number ZL-2021/00865.

Phase 2: Integration of Big Data and Business Intelligence.

The second phase of this project is underway later this year and promises to take the capability and scope of the solution to the next level. At this stage, i3s will focus on the integration of Big Data and Business Intelligence management variables, as well as the development of predictive capabilities.

The incorporation of Big Data will enable even more extensive data collection, providing a more complete and detailed view of the performance of the vehicle and its environment. Business Intelligence will enable competitive teams to make more informed decisions based on real-time, in-depth analysis of collected data.

In addition, predictive capabilities will open the door to anticipating problems and proactively tuning the vehicle to optimize its performance before any mishaps occur on the track.

Transforming the World of Racing.

The i3s project to improve the performance of racing vehicles through real-time IoT data management is an example of how technology can transform a high-speed sport. The ability to adjust and optimize a vehicle in real time, backed by advanced data analysis, promises to take racing to a new level of excitement and competitiveness.

With SPRI’s support and investment in cutting-edge technology, we are leading the way to a promising future for competitive vehicle racing. As the second phase of the project progresses, we are excited to think about the possibilities ahead and how this innovation could forever change the way we view and experience careers in the modern world.

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