Lekunet Prevención de Riesgos Laborales se apoya en tecnología de geolocalización y en IA
11 de April de 2024

Occupational risk management and occupational health software

No organization conceives the management of occupational health and safety systems without the support of a digital tool designed for this purpose. Just as they do not understand the management of payroll, vacation days or accounting. Today, all these business tasks are supported by management software. The key lies in knowing how to choose the most appropriate one for the business activity, challenges, objectives and size of the company.



Characteristics of occupational risk management tools

What should you, as a company, ask of an occupational risk software so that it does not fail you? First of all, some basic elements: security and scalability. These two factors determine the success of any occupational risk assessment software because it does not compromise the company’s data or its future growth.

Anything else? Yes. Any occupational health and safety management software should meet the following requirements:

  • Real-time data monitoring.
  • Automation of manual processes.
  • Machine Learning technology for learning through the company’s history and proposing improvements.
  • Predictive capacity for anticipation.
  • Analytics through Big Data.
  • Reports for the design of measures to reduce risks.
  • Incident management and cost calculation.
  • Adaptation to current legislation on the subject.

In short, an intelligent occupational risk management tool that reduces the margin of error and favors cost savings through continuous evaluation.



I3s es una referencia SAP en soluciones EHS, gestión de riesgos y salud laboral

The most widely used software in occupational risk prevention

The most widely used software in occupational risk prevention are those that offer a comprehensive service. Those that include occupational risk assessment programs and occupational health management software.

In i3s we have developed a tool that covers the mentioned expectations. With LEKUnet Risk Prevention, organizations can be sure to have a reliable risk assessment program, as it relies on geolocation and AI technology to ensure safe workspaces.

A SAP solution that comes to us after years of experience and research and that is called to lead the market of occupational safety by the hand of expert teams.

From i3s we help you to implement an intelligent solution for the prevention of risks and accidents in industrial plants.

With LEKUnet Risk Prevention you will have the three tools you need under the same solution:

  • Occupational risk analysis software.
  • Occupational risk prevention software.
  • Occupational risk prevention management software.

Do you need a professional team to help you implement this solution for occupational risk management in your company? Contact us, we will be pleased to help you.



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