5 de October de 2023

Waste management software

In the fight against climate change, digital analysis and management tools have become a real lever for change, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. The waste management software are a good proof of this, as they allow the automation of processes in accordance with current legislation and the European challenge of generating zero waste.
zero waste.

Program for calculating waste management

The programs for calculating waste management make it easier for producers and managers to digitize the ordinary process they are used to. This makes possible, as we have pointed out, a very high level of automation and, therefore, efficiency in each and every phase of waste management:

  • In their traceability.
  • In the generation of the pertinent documentation.
  • In the sending of the same to the competent public administrations.
  • In the creation of reports.

This also reduces the margin of error and the costs of poor waste management. waste management. The latter is especially important when dealing with waste classified as hazardous, because of the environmental implications.
environmental implications
or for the
public safety
that a human error could have.

solución inteligente par al gestión de residuos

Waste management and sustainability software

we offer your company not only a waste management software waste management softwarebut a whole
sustainable business management strategy
through an
SAP ecosystem.

The solutions covered by this response are oriented to the fulfillment of
sustainable objectives
by measuring a company’s impact on the environment, analyzing data and preparing reports that can be used in strategic decision-making.

In fact, the waste management software we are presenting is integrated into the
designed to ensure compliance with environmental protection regulations, but also to protect workers and society. That is, in what is known as Environment Health and Safety.

Waste compliance

With the waste management software not only will you be able to optimize the time (and resources) spent by your team on waste management, you will also comply with legislation.

The waste management software from
allows compliance with current regulations, as well as with recommendations at European, state or autonomous community level. Namely:

The growing regulation of waste management and recovery, increasingly complex and at different levels (regional, state, European, etc.), forces companies to adopt IT solutions capable of responding to such a complication. Do you want to deal with waste management regulations? Find out more about SAP and its waste management software the answer you need

Aumento de las normativas legales sobre gestión de residuos
The regulation of waste management and recovery is becoming increasingly complex.
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