17 de January de 2022

Ensure maximum performance of your SAP platform.

i3s SAP Support and Maintenance Service.

Do you want to get the most out of your SAP environment and ensure its proper functioning without having to worry about anything? If you are looking to reduce your management effort and ensure professional and quality performance of your applications, SAP’s new SAP Support and Maintenance service is for you. Benefit from the experience of the i3s team to get the most out of your SAP platform.

Table of contents:

  1. Experience in SAP services
  2. ITIL Methodology and Tools
  3. Service Level Agreements
  4. Cost control
  5. Governance Model
  6. Scope of service


In i3s we have extensive experience in accompanying our customers during their digital transformation process, supported by the wide range of SAP solutions that integrate business management in a single agile and intuitive system.

Once the system is in place, we want to guarantee you the peace of mind and security you need to get the most out of it. We have incorporated a new SAP support and maintenance service, which allows you to control the administration of your management processes without worries.

Our new SAP Support and Maintenance service offers support and monitoring for your applications ensuring their optimal performance and evolution.


1.Experience in SAP services

You can entrust us with the support, maintenance and improvement of your SAP environment, benefiting from the knowledge of the best experts focused on SAP products and backed by extensive experience, above the market average.

We work in all sectors, with special focus on Industry, Public Sector and Service companies, supported by the most relevant SAP certifications, such as PCoE, Recognized Experience, Service Partner and Sell Partner.

For us, customer service and satisfaction is the most important objective and, therefore, we offer a quality, flexible and expert service.


ITIL Methodology and Tools

The i3s SAP maintenance service is based on the application of the ITIL methodology, an exemplary standard for IT service management, known as the “global benchmark of excellence in the market” for application support and maintenance services, which certifies its high quality.

This methodology ensures, of course, on-time and on-scope delivery, continuous improvement in customer service processes, service continuity and risk management and service planning, operation and control processes, as well as the assurance that all procedures are based on industry best practices.


Service Level Agreements

Service Level Agreements (SLA) contain a list of tasks to be covered by the supplier, defining their responsibilities and establishing a statement of objectives.

At i3s we offer high performance services, including key commitments included in the Service Level Agreement, such as first response time to requests, incident resolution time and schedule compliance.

We offer a service whose deadlines are fully controlled and guaranteed.


Cost control

The level required of companies’ IT departments is increasingly higher. They are required to achieve the highest possible resilience of their SAP systems while prioritizing business projects and reducing costs of their operations.

With i3s SAP Support and Maintenance service you will be able to cut costs and avoid surprises by knowing in advance how much your monthly bill will be.

In addition, you can stop worrying about the efficiency of the service, and forget about managing the irregularity or seasonality of your users’ demand. We manage it and inform you, so that you can have full control.


Governance models

Thanks to our proprietary methodology, the innovative SAP Support and Maintenance service provides you with all the necessary information on the fulfillment of commitments and project costs.

In addition, you will be aware of the entire process as you will have real-time visibility of the progress of the service and traceability of all actions through our ticketing tool.

You will be able to follow the evolution of the service by scheduling meetings as often as you need.


Scope of service

At i3s we have two kinds of support services, depending on your needs.

Functional support service

  • SAP Consulting Support. Immediate attention and response to questions and doubts as a consequence of an incidence or operative problem.
  • SAP Evolutionary Maintenance. Services oriented to include a new functionality in the system or extend an existing one upon customer’s request.
  • SAP Corrective maintenance. Resolution of incidents detected in the system: technical actions, review of data, interfaces, documentation, etc.
  • SAP preventive maintenance. Proposed operational and platform improvements to reduce the number of future queries and incidents.
  • SAP training. Support to improve the daily operations of users in functional areas, with sessions tailored to customer needs.

Support service basis

  • SAP preventive maintenance. Ensuring the availability of environments through Solution Manager monitoring supervised by our consultants.
  • SAP evolutionary maintenance. Updating of installations through the application of Support Packages and revision of parameters according to needs.
  • SAP corrective maintenance. Reaction according to the level of service to problems arising in the installation.
  • Functional service support. Generation of test environments, by refreshing with data from the production system.
  • Other services on demand. Change of operating system, database or SAP version, installation of new environments.


Leave the planning and improvement of your SAP environment in our hands and gain peace of mind in the day-to-day running of your business.

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